about me

Ever since I took AP Photography in high school, I've developed a passion for photography and design. While I do freelance photography on the side, I chose to start my career in the public relations and marketing industry.

Other than photography, my hobbies include listening to good music, eating great food, and spending time outside whenever possible. 



Photographed and edited by Megan Blase. Copyright, 2018.


work experience

Weber Shandwick
I’m currently a Junior Associate at Weber Shandwick in Chicago. After my internship, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to stay and I couldn’t be more excited to begin my career here. I work in Client Experience and I’m continuing to learn new things every day. I love working with so many talented people and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

rock paper scissors, inc.
As a publicity intern, I worked under a publicist who was in charge of multiple tech clients such as Bandbasher, Eventric and Cheddar. I had access and managed Eventric's Twitter account and made sure I was interacting with their many influencers. I also got the opportunity to research and pitch many different journalists for all of the clients, and even gained coverage for a few of them. 

Nasty Little Man
In the music PR firm, I served as a public relations intern and had the opportunity to help out everyone in the office from publicists to touring managers. I partook daily office functions, tracked artists in online and print media, updated the website with press releases and images and created press clippings in Adobe Photoshop.