my work

Throughout my time at Indiana University, I've worked on many projects through my classes and internship experiences. From writing stories to press releases to designing logos and magazine spreads, I have compiled some of my favorites.

Photography Assignment for Graphic Design I

Our first project for Graphic Design I was to partner up with a classmate and create a set of photos that are applicable to their desired industry. I partnered up with Megan Blase who is a fashionable student looking to enter the PR world. The project was to create two headshots, two candids, one black and white image, one image with text, and two interpretations of Megan's design style. Here are the photos I created for Megan!


Magazine Design Project

My second project for Graphic Design I was to create a fictional magazine and design a cover and two spreads. I created a magazine called Divine Wine that had a feature story about a new winery. All of the photos used for the project are my own.

To view the entire project, click on the magazine cover.


Logo Design Project

For my Illustrator portion of Graphic Design I, we were challenged to either find a logo that we thought was bad or to create a logo for a company of our choice. I chose to create a logo for my freelance photography business, Kelsey B. Photography. 


Contributor to Millennial Magazine

During my Fall 2017 semester at IU, I took a Magazine Writing class. Each story we wrote was submitted to magazines for publishing and my "how-to" and news trend pieces were both published in Millennial Magazine. To read my "how-to" piece, click here and for my news trend piece click here.


CEA MOJO Blogger

During my spring 2017 semester, I studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina through CEA. While I was there, I was working for CEA as a student blogger and created content to publicize the study abroad program. I took photos, created videos, posted on social media, and wrote blogs about my adventures and experiences to share with potential students. My blog posts can be found here.


Public Relations Research for BLU Boy Chocolate

For a PR Planning & Research class at IU, my group chose BLU Boy Chocolate as our semester-long client. We worked for weeks researching their target audience and how they can improve their communications with their customers. View the final report here